Personalized shopping solutions
for omnichannel apparel retailers

Want to increase sales, reduce returns,
and enhance customer loyalty?
Get Klothed.

Personalized Shopping
with our proprietary visualization tools

Klothed lets you and your customer visualize how items and outfits will look before even hitting the fitting room. The ability to share and save multiple profiles means sales associates can easily keep up with all their clients – and their wardrobes.

Provide a rich shopping experience

Give your customer a seamless experience from wherever they are, whether that’s pre-shopping from their phone, engaged with a sales associate in your store or finishing a transaction online. With Klothed they can search for the labels they’re interested in, swipe to try things on, and tap to save, share and buy items or complete outfits.

Actionable analytics lead to
increased sales

Track the items your customers have tried on, what they’ve saved in their closet and even what items they already own. Take advantage of these deep analytics by pushing notifications to customers when they want or need your input most.

Personalized Customer Profiles

Ease of use is at the core of our design principles. You can create a profile of a customer in a snap — simply take a photo of their face, then choose a body shape and skin tone to match their own.

Create a Unique Style

Most consumers don’t like trying things on, or stepping outside their comfort zone. Now you can provide guidance as you help your customer create outfits, build their own style and make confident fashion choices. Anywhere. Anytime.


Commerce is social now. Consumers make buying decisions based on guidance from you and input from their social networks. Suggest an item or outfit your customers in real-time or even before the merchandise hits the sales floor. Once they find something they like, they can easily share it with their networks on social media, text or email.

Smart Data Drives Sales

How does your customer shop? The Klothed platform provides visibility into what your customers have previously purchased and what they’re interested in now. Make timely, informed recommendations that complement their existing wardrobe, build trust and boost sales.

Enhanced CRM

Klothed is changing the way you engage with your customers while giving them a richer, more efficient shopping experience. Personalized. Social. Curated.

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